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Hi-Five Sports Camps at Maracana

Hi-Five’s core focus is on a multi-sport summer camp (Hi-Five Sports Camp) for children 5 to 13 years old. This is a weeks long sports extravaganza and a prized lifetime memory for all campers. 

Hi-Five Sports sees team sports as a vehicle for improving the current and future well being of children. Now, more than ever, THE NEED FOR CHILDREN TO BE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE and disconnected from technology has never been so prevalent. Life lessons that are learned through sports are being ignored all too often and a generation of children are missing out on key life lessons that will be instrumental in their personal growth. The personal growth principles we carry on our sleeves include:






Program Info:

Whenever school is out – Hi-Five School-Break Camps will be in session! We’ll teach children ages 5 - 13 the basic fundamentals of a wide variety of team sports and school yard games.  Our campers compete in an organized and safe setting! The house will be rocking with music playing throughout the day and a level of energy that will only be outdone by the amount of FUN being had.

Winter Break 2022/23

Week 1: December 26th - 29th, 2022

Week 2: January 2nd - 5th, 2023

Camp hours: 9:00am-3:00pm (drop off starts 8:30am)

Aftercare:  3:00-5pm cost $10 per day

$60 Single Day 



10% off for full-week pass

Aftercare Activities: Board games 

During this time we often do relaxed activities such as board games so the children as well as the coaches may take a break. After 7+ hours of playing sports, all that physical activity is heavy on the body so it's time to train the mind with fun games everyone can play. 

Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Our daily camp limit is 30 kids. Please register ahead to reserve your space so you don’t get turned away!


  1. What should my child bring and wear to camp each day?

Your child should wear and bring:

  • Comfortable clothing that allows for active learning. Socks and tennis shoes. 

  • A change of clothes. While often these are not needed, we plan for just in case. 

  • Lunch each day. Refrigeration is available.  

  • Refillable water bottle (Fridays are on us! We order pizza (cheese, pepperoni).)

  • Extra snacks if your child likes particular food (we provide apples, oranges, and gummy snacks) 

  • Please leave electronics at home. No phones, tablets or other electronics are allowed during camp hours. 

  • Fill out medical form. It's really important that we are aware of allergies and emergency contacts. This form is shared during registration. 


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