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About Us

Maracana Indoor Sports Arena was established in 2010. Although, trained as an electrical engineer, Mladen Kozak, a Bosnian refugee and American citizen, loved sports and through family tradition grew up playing soccer and knew Tucson needed indoor turf fields for soccer and other field sports. Driven by his love for soccer, community, and creating a place for families and friends to lead an active life through sports, Mladen with the support of family, friends, and community established Maracana Indoor Sports Arena. 

Today, Mladen and his wife, Jess, run Maracana Indoor, which resides in a 28,000 square ft. building, offering one large turf field for any field sports, and a multiple Padel courts, which brings racket sports indoors.


In addition to soccer leagues,  padel leagues, and youth soccer classes, Maracana offers birthday and event space, as well as youth break camps. 

Thanks for reading! 

We hope you will visit soon!

Mladen + Jess

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