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Flag Football Rules and Regulations

5 vs. 5 Flag Football Rules and Regulations

Points of Emphasis for 2020 Season:

1. Pants/Shorts:  Each player wear pants or shorts without any belt(s), belt loops, pockets or exposed drawstrings. The pants or shorts must be a different color then the flags.

2. Jewelry:  Shall be worn inside the jersey and not to be outside.  All fit watches must be covered by wrist band.

3. Flags:  

    a.  Each player must have a set of flags on at all times.  Players should bring their own flag unless they miss them on the game day.

    b.  Tampering with the flag belt in any way to gain an advantage including tying, using foreign materials or other such acts is illegal.                 Infractions will result in player disqualification.

4.  Shirts:  Players are strongly encouraged to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts to prevent cuts, scrapes, etc.  Any player with cuts must be substituted out of the game to stop bleeding and to cover the wound.

5.  Football pads, casts and metal braces are not allowed (Knee/Elbow pads are OK)

6.  It is strongly recommended that ALL players wear mouth guard.


1. 5 players will constitute a team

2.  A min number of 3 players must be ready to play at the game time or the team will forfeit.  Team needs to finish the game with min number of player.  If at any time that number drops bellow 3 game is forfeited. 

3.  The captain winning the toss shall have first choice of options for either the first or second half ball.  The loosing coach can choose which side of the field they would like to start on.

4.  The game will consist of two 20min (running clock) halves with 5 min half time.  Last 2 min in the second half time will stop at all whistles to avoid unnecessary delay in the game.

5.  EACH team will have 2 TIME OUTS per half (30 sec each).

6.  Unnecessary delay to the game is prohibited.  If the ball is not put into game within 25 sec after being spotted by referee, it will be considered delay of the game.

7.  The ball will be placed at 3 yard line at the beginning of each half as well as following touchdowns, touchbacks and safeties. (unless moved to penalty)

8.  A team in possession of the ball has three (3) downs to score or advance into the next zone.

    a) If a penalty occurs during a play the zone to gain will be established after the enforcement of the penalty.

    b)  If a penalty moves the ball beyond the zone to gain or a penalty calls for a first down the next line will be the zone to gain.

    c)  Declined penalties will have no effect on the zone to gain and the number of the next down will be whatever it would have been the foul not occurred

9.  When ball becomes dead, the spot of the ball is directly under the position of the ball (foremost point of the ball)

10.  Kicking - There is NO KICKING in the game.

11.  Snapping:

       a) The offensive team must at least one player on their scrimmage line 

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