Dodgeball Leagues at Maracana

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TUCSON Dodgeball League FALL 2020

Welcome to Tucson Dodgeball newest league offering. Not only is this our first league featuring no-sting balls, but it is also our first bring-your-own-team league. This is a great opportunity to bring your group of friends into the sport together or to show your skills as an established team. 

Teams can have up to 10 players on the roster, but only six can be on the court at a time. There is a 20 team limit to this league.  Depends on the size of the league we will split teams into A and b brackets.  8 games are guaranteed over 4 weekends (2 games per weekend) with playoffs on the 5 weekend for top 8 teams.  

The rules for this league are a mashup of our competitive foam league and recreational foam league. The foundation of the rules are the competitive foam league rules with notable adjustments. There will be 7 balls on the court and burden to throw is based on whoever has the majority of them. There are no headshots in this league, the thrower of a headshot will be out.  Depending on the venue there may or may not be a neutral zone.  For the Rules and Regulations click the button at the top.

The entry fee is $400/team. Sign up before November 8st to receive your team t-shirts on week one. 

If you need more information please visit us at Maracana Indoor Sports Arena or call Mladen at 520.235.7094.